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Let us help preserve your memories.

Here at F-STOP, we offer inexpensive photo stock frames and custom framing services, all under one roof!

F-STOP has hundreds of affordable, quality picure frames in many designs, finishes and sizes (from 2x3in to 30x40in)
We are unique in that we also build our own selection of superior wood frames in a greater range of sizes and finishes to meet market trends.

Custom framing is as its name implies, custom designed, custom cut and custom assembled. Our creativity is not limited by stock frame sizes or materials.

F-STOP has hundreds of frame and mat samples to choose from, providing an unlimited selection of designs. Whether you are seeking a contemporary look, rustic charm, or any other unique style, we work with you on a one-to-one basis, showing you samples of colours, textures and framing materials to make it uniquely yours.

Prices will vary based on the materials chosen and framing concepts to be applied. Simply choose the option that serves your aesthetic values and budget.

Let us show you what we can do!

  • Certificates
  • Maps
  • Awards & Ribbons
  • Needle Art
  • War Medals
  • Travel Memorobillia
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Hole in One
  • Album Covers
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Christening Gowns
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Movie Posters
  • Children’s Art
    Panoramic Photos

Shadowbox framing

Shadowbox framing is employed when the object being framed is three-dimensional, or is a flat object that requires platform mounting to give it a deep, box-like framing treatment.

What sort of things do we Shadowbox frame?

War medals and sporting medals or memorabilia are put in shadow boxes. Antique heirlooms are often framed, as well as, antique jewelry, textiles, coins, spoons, books and more. We have many frames of varying depth to achieve this effect.

Antique heirlooms are often framed as well. Antique jewelry, textiles, deeds, maps, coins, spoons, military medals, books.

If it’s important to you and it can fit in a frame, we can shadowbox it in style!

Do you stock shadowbox frames?

It is very difficult to stock shadowbox frames as every project a customer brings in requires the following varying requirements.

  1. Frame depth
  2. Overall frame size
  3. Style, colour and finish of the frame
  4. Colour of the background the item(s) will sit upon.

How deep can a shadowbox frame be?

Usually, a frame that is 1" to 2" or deeper can be used as an effective shadowbox. We also carry frame mouldings 3" to 4"deep as well as modular shadowbox mouldings that are stackable to customize your frame depth to 5 or 6 inches.

How is the glass held in place?

There are 2 methods to create a shadowbox that raises the glass up and away from the item(s) to be framed. One method is to insert the glass into the lip of the frame then line the insides of the frame using foam board and coloured mat board.

The other method requires cutting a mat to surround the item(s) being framed and raising the mat to the required depth by using foam core spacers.

How much does it cost to shadowbox a jersey?

Shadowbox frames require a lot of experienced intricate labor to achieve a professional composition you can be proud of. Price is based on material costs and labor. A jersey, though larger than a composition of war medals, is often less expensive as the labor is less extensive.

A jersey frame is usually around $295-$350 and war medals, as an example, are usually $250-$450 depending on the size, contents and framing materials.

If you have more questions or you wish to get a quote, come into the store and we will show you what we can do. Or call 519-941-4381.

We have more than 30 years ofshadowbox framing experience!


Do your picture frames look tired and outdated?

Have you purchased new flooring, new paint, or new furniture but kept the same old frames?

Just as clothing and furniture styles change, so do the fashions in picture framing. Whether we simply change the matting or the frame or the entire framing composition, we can re-awaken your pictures!

¼ of all the framing work we do is re-framing. Our customers love the photo or the art, but don’t like the mat or frame. Let us help you preserve your heirlooms and make them contemporary again.

Is your framing up to par?

Tips on what to look for

Frame corners coming apart- if this has occurred, check the side of your frame for nails. This was an older technique to join frames and no longer used.

Yellowed bevelled edges to your mats- if the bevelled edge (the 45 degree cut in the opening of your mat) has yellowed, similar to a newspaper, that is an indication acidic mats were used and is probably damaging your artwork.

Cardboard backing- Run your fingers along the back of your framed picture. If you see or feel ridges that means corrugated board was used to back your picture which will not only yellow or stain your artwork but the pressure may result in flute marks. The corrugated board is very acidic, absorbs moisture and attracts insects.

Buckling & shifting- If your artwork is buckling it was probably taped incorrectly. It is not allowing for expansion from varying heat and humidity conditions that exist within a home. Artwork that has shifted is the result of tape losing its adhesion.

Fading- Because fading of images is a slow, gradual process it may not be noticed until the framing composition is taken apart. Only then can you compare the protected areas to the exposed areas. The results are often surprising. A faded print cannot be repaired but UV protecting glass is an option whenever you choose your framing materials.

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