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Video transfers

Have some great home movies you’d like to share that can’t be viewed?
We can transfer your old movies to DVD and USB allowing you and your family to have a movie night filled with memories of years past. VHS, BETA, camcorder tapes and 8mm movie reels…update your videos and enjoy!

1-2 Tapes $28.99ea
3-5 Tapes $24.99 ea
6-10 Tapes $21.99 ea
11+ Tapes $18.99 ea
Prices include a DVD.

To transfer the DVD's to USB, prices differ depending on size of USB.
All our USB's are A-Grade.
5-7 days processing time

8mm Movie Reels
$34.99 + $0.29 per ft
10-14 days processing time

Video Transfers

Slides & negatives

We can digitize your old slides and negatives and transfer them onto USB for you.
Bulk scanning box for:
-up to 200 Slides, saved onto 4GB USB (included) $149.
-up to 500 Slides, saved onto 4GB USB (included) $325.

$4.99 per slide for individual scanning.
Quantity discounts available
1-2 days processing time

Slides & negatives

Bulk scanning of photo prints

Transfer your printed photos to digital format to be preserved and shared.
Fill up a pre-paid box with 200-500 prints and we'll scan them using professional equipment for high resolution images.
Transferred digitally onto USB (included).

Bulk scanning box for:
-up to 200 Prints, saved onto 4GB USB (included) $99.
-up to 500 Prints, saved onto 4GB USB (included) $199.

7-14 days processing time

Shoebox scanning
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